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114 Thoughts I Had While Watching the Royal Wedding

So, I got done watching the live stream for the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! I decided to post my thoughts here for you all to see. From the hats to the adorable royal kids to just the overall happy vibes at this wedding, this wedding was a joy to watch. I hope you all enjoy my 114 Thoughts I Had While Watching the Royal Wedding. Fair warning though, some of them might not make any sense, and please forgive any bad spelling, grammar, or punctuation as I was just typing these on my phone as I went. Thank you all again for reading!

My Thoughts
  1. So many hats!!! 😍😍😍
  2. A lot of celebs 
  3. Everyone looks, or most people anyway, very happy. 
  4. This music is lit. I’m digging it. 
  5. Alright. These people look less happy. I wonder if something is wrong. 
  6. You conduct that band!
  7. I love the random outside shot with the birds for some reason. 
  8. That car is moving very slowly. 
  9. Is there a speed limit at royal weddings?
  10. And we’re back in the church. 
  11. And back outside 
  12. Who are these people?
  13. Aww both ladies are wearing blue. Did they color coordinate?
  14. Seriously. Who are these people?
  15. For someone who acts like I love the royal family I really don’t know crap. 
  16. Wait. They look royal. 
  17. Oh. Oh. I recognize her! 
  18. Yeah they’re royal.
  19. Members of the family. 
  20. That is a cool car
  21. And we’re still driving really slow 
  22. Ooh. I saw a veil. 
  23. Never mind, drive slow. 
  24. That’s the bride.
  25. I really need to figure out who these people are. 
  26. Ah. Well two of them are Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. I’m going to guess the rest are members of their family I was too lazy to look up. 
  27. Why isn’t hat wearing still a common thing? I would rock them. 
  28. Is there a seating chart at this thing
  29. Alright, I gave in. Another one is apparently Prince Andrew of York.
  30. That was a long closeup of those that naked angel harp thing on that flag. 
  31. Oh. He’s the Duke of York. 
  32. That’s cool. 
  33. Elton John. Elton John!!
  34. How does one get invited to a royal wedding?
  35. This guy is just staring up at the ceiling. 
  36. You’ve literally got people that look like they don’t want to be here. People who look like they’re having so much fun, and people who just look serene. 
  37. Is he chewing? What is he even eating. 
  38. This music is so good though. 
  39. Ah. Another one is Princess Anne. Yep. I had to know. 
  40. I really don’t know anything. I feel so uniformed. 
  41. I want to learn how to play the harp. After all of the other instruments I’ve claimed to want to learn. 
  42. Harry and Will 😍
  43. He just put his gloves in his hat. 
  44. That’s actually really smart. 
  45. Whoever that lady is playing the flute looks so serene. 
  46. The conductor for this band orchestra thing looks very happy. 
  47. I love the close up shots of the people that look like they hate their lives at the moment. 
  48. Carey Mulligan 😍
  49. Why are these cars getting to drive fast?
  50. Who are these people?
  51. Oh wait. It’s Meghan. 
  52. Now they don’t care about driving slow I guess. 
  53. Race to ya wedding, girl!
  54. Ah that’s nice. At least they let Harry and William sit while they wait. 
  55. Where are Kate and the children?
  56. Oh. Wait. They’re probably a part of the wedding. Or at least the children are.
  57. No. Wait. I think they are. 
  58. Pretend I’m not just blabbering. 
  59. Aw. Harry looks both nervous and happy. Good for him. 
  60. Someone had better do a bad lip reading of this thing. 
  61. The Queen. 
  62. I spot the Queen!
  63. Oh and Prince Phillip. 
  64. He’s there too. 
  65. Prince Harry’s grin could save lives. 
  66. Do they call her The Queen or do they call her Grandma?
  67. Aww. Cute adorable kids!!
  68. Meghan looks so beautiful 
  69. And that train. 😍
  70. Harry looks so happy. 
  71. Honestly the royal kids are the real stars of this show. 
  72. They look so in love. I love it!
  73. Whoever is singing. Thank you. 
  74. It’s beginning. 
  75. They’re now singing. I don’t know the song. But I’m digging it. 
  76. Wait. I think I recognize it. Just not the name. 
  77. Kate is looking gorgeous as always. 
  78. Isn’t that?
  79. Wait. Let me google. 
  80. Abigail Spencer 😍😍
  81. My girl from Timeless. 
  82. That would have been awkward if someone objected. 
  83. Why is everyone laughing? They should be relieved he’s willing to be honorable. Or is at least saying he will be. 
  84. I want a soundtrack of the music from this wedding. 
  85. This sermon is already so good. 
  86. The power of love (starts thinking of Celine Dion)
  87. Meghan looks so happy. She’s practically glowing. 
  88. This sermon is on fire. 
  89. I can’t wait for the gifs and memes from this. 
  90. Is that Oprah?
  91. Stand by Me. Yes. Yes yes. 
  92. Really this needs to be a soundtrack. 
  93. I’d throw money at it. 
  94. Metaphorically at least 
  95. The vows. The vows. The vows.
  96. They’re now married. 
  97. When it’s not panned to the choir singing it looks like there’s a guy just randomly flapping his arms around. 
  98. There’s so much talking. 
  99. More singing. 
  100. They’ve left. 
  101. The guy playing the cello(?) is on fire too. 
  102. Meghan and Harry are back. Where’d they go?
  103. That kiss though 😍
  104. Aww. Princess Charlotte is so adorable. 
  105. I might want a carriage at my wedding now. 
  106. Princess Charlotte has got her waving /down./
  107. So much waving. 
  108. People just seem so genuinely happy outside. They’re all just waving and clapping and cheering. 
  109. The sign that says “I Married a Ginger Too” 😂😂🔥🔥
  110. Do they do anything after the carriage ride around or should I just bounce?
  111. Honestly. There are so many people 
  112. You want to marry Harry? Well you’re a bit late, ladies. 
  113. Alright. I think they’ve stopped streaming. 
  114. Yay! Wedding!
Thank you all again for reading!


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