Mansfield Park: Revisited

I have just finished rereading Mansfield Park by Jane Austen and I am glad to say that I am here to express my thoughts on the novel. I will not be giving a review, but will instead be jumping straight in!

1. Fanny Price:
      Fanny is the girl that I'd love to have as a friend, but that I'd hate to be compared to. I would not say that she is weak-minded or that she does not know her opinion, but there is just something about her that I can't quite understand. I can definitely relate to her the least out of all of the Austen Heroines I have been introduced to so far. Still the fact that she refuses to marry Henry Crawford and by the end of the novel seems to have more confidence in herself makes her a good heroine in my eyes.

2. Mrs. Norris:
        This woman is awful and I was so glad when she went with Maria to stay with her. She is rude and bully's Fanny all of the time.

3. Julia and Maria:
         These two sisters are the reason that Karma exists. They are not good at all to Fanny and in consequence end up eloping and cheating.

4. Edmund:
        I love Edmund, but he also frustrated me like 75% of the book. I mean the way he acted about the whole Mary Crawford ordeal was almost sickening. I get that he thought she was a better person than she turned out to be, but from the very beginning the reader can understand that something is not quite right with her.

5. Mary Crawford:
          She's like that girl that tells you that you're her best friend, but as soon as you do something to upset you slashes your tires.

6. Henry Crawford:
         I could almost like him if it wasn't for the fact that after telling Fanny he loved her he went and had an affair with Maria Bertram.

7. I don't like this novel as much as I like the rest of the ones so far. There was a pacing issue I felt like and I could not attach myself to the characters like I could other Austen works. Still it was a good book and I would recommend it to anyone who was interested in Jane Austen.