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Emma: Revisited

This house reminds me of Emma for some reason
I have just finished rereading my favorite Austen work, Emma. I am so glad to finally be able to come back today with the second Austen Revisit for Jane Austen Month (even if I am going to be late again in putting it up). I was so glad that I gave myself the time to reread this novel and I am now here to give you all my opinions now that I have read it a second time. I will not be giving a summary of the novel but know that I rate it 5/5 stars always, and that from here on out there will most likely be spoilers. Now that you've been safely warned I will get into my thoughts.

1. Jane Fairfax:
        I think it is safe to say that we've all had at least one Jane Fairfax in our lives. She's that girl/guy that is just perfect at everything and that no one can find fault with. I will admit that I had my own Jane Fairfax growing up, and like Emma I did not like it at all. My childish mind couldn't comprehend why that girl was thought of as so great, and for a while it caused me to not be friendly to her at all. However, like Emma I learned that if you take the time to get to really know someone, that you can discover a friend that you never even knew you had.

2.The Love Story:
       The love story between Mr. Knightley and Emma Woodhouse is my favorite Austen Romance. They start off as friends and eventually learn of their love for each other, at different times of course. Mr. Knightley is also one of the very few people who can lecture Emma when she is wrong, and she seems to be one of the very few people he can actually stand in a close relationship. Plus he agrees to move in with her so they won't upset her father. I mean how sweet is that? The love is one that seems so real, it's one of realizing (at least for Emma) what was there all along.

3. Emma:
        Ah, Emma. I relate to her and I don't relate to her at all. Which might be a good thing considering all of the damage she managed to do in the novel. However, I do admire her confidence and wish that I had a bit more of that for myself. Plus she treats her father so well that in my eyes that is one of the many things going for her. I know that she's supposed to be a character that nobody likes, but I cannot say that about Emma Woodhouse.

4. Relationships:
       I love how this novel handles relationships. The relationships between father and daughter, best friends, enemies, lovers, fighters. It is all right there in the pages of a novel and it handles them so well.

5. Character Development:
       To me this novel is all about character development. Emma learns to not meddle so much, Harriet learns to accept what she wanted all along and marry Robert Martin. Jane Fairfax and Frank Churchill learn to admit that they've been engaged. The list just goes on and on, but the most important character development is that of Emma Woodhouse. She learns from her mistakes and becomes a better person because of them. She is not perfect by the time the novel ends, but she is very different from the person we meet at the beginning of the novel.

Favorite Quotes:
       "If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more."- Jane Austen
        "Men of sense, whatever you may chuse to say, do not want silly wives." - Jane Austen
        " I have never been in love; it is not my way, or my nature; and I do not think I ever shall."- Jane Austen

I really enjoyed rereading this book and I hope that if you haven't already that you will pick it up sometime.


     I know that I have been awful these past couple of weeks about uploading on time. However, with the fact that I am trying to read all six of Austen's novels in so short a time I ask that if it bothers you that I'm not uploading on time that you bear with me for just a little longer. I promise to try and get the blog posts done earlier so they can hopefully start going up in time.
Thank You!!!


  1. Excellent post, and a lovely blog (this is my first visit :) ) I have to agree with you about Emma, both as a novel and as a character, and I agree with every point you made above. I've read that many scholars consider Emma to be Austen's literary masterpiece—not sure I completely agree because each novel has its elements of genius. But Emma is full of amazing dialogue that pushes the plot forward. It's pretty slick writing, if you ask me!


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