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My 5 Favorite Classic Novels

      Ah, classics.

There has always been something about those types of books. Maybe it's the romance and mannerisms that take place so often in the pages of these books, or how different things were back then, but classics have always been one of my favorite genres of books. Below are my top five favorite novels, books that have touched me at different times in my life.
1. Gone With the Wind

    This novel set during and after the Civil War follows Scarlet O’Hara the rich spoiled Southern Heiress through marriages, births, the Civil War, and of course Rhett Butler the dark and brooding love interest. The book at over a thousand pages is a monster of a novel in its own right, but once I got into the book I forgot just how long it was Margaret Mitchell’s extremely talented writing makes reading this large book an enjoyment and not a chore. This is one of the more recent classics I've read so who knows if it will continue to be my number one favorite a few years down the line, but as of right now this novel continues to be my favorite classic,
2. Jane Eyre

Ah, Jane Eyre one of my all time favorite literary characters. The romance between Jane and Mr. Rochester is still one of my all time favorites, but what I really love about this novel is the character
of Jane Eyre herself, Charlotte Bronte really created characters that will stay with you long after
you've turned the final page. The novel told in an autobiographical format, tells the story of Jane Eyre, an orphan who goes from living with her aunt and cousins who abuse her, to a boarding school, and on to become the governess for Mr. Rochester's ward. There's a lot more to the story though. This novel covers a large part of this young woman's life and not a minute of it is boring and uneventful. 
3. Little Women

I think Jo March was one of the first literary characters that I could really relate to. With her love for reading and writing and her tomboy attitude, it was no wonder I fell in love with her at a young age. The novel is wonderful, taking you through the lives of the March sisters as they go through love and loss. If you're a young woman and you read no other book on this list, please read this one. This novel might run on the longer side, but the longer you spend with the March family the more you never want to leave, and also Laurie might just become your new favorite fictional guy crush.
4. Emma
Ah, Jane Austen. One of these days I will get all of your novels read but for now, Emma continues to be my favorite Austen. I don't know if it's the fact that I related to Emma in some ways, which was surprising to me, or the fact that the love story involves people who are friends falling in love making it more realistic to me, but this Austen is a must read for everyone in my opinion. Even though Jane Austen didn't intend on anyone liking the character of Emma I actually liked her a lot. She might be a meddling matchmaker, but there's a confidence about her that I don't often possess. Plus, in the end, she's able to admit her faults and she starts to work to become a better person, something I can admire in any character.
5. Pride and Prejudice

Ah, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. If you were to ask me what character in literature I relate to the most I'd have to say that it's Elizabeth Bennet, no matter how cliche that sounds. However, we’re both quick witted, opinionated, and sometimes judgmental (which isn't always a good thing.) My point is that Elizabeth is one of the few literary characters I've been able to really relate to in my life. The novel which follows the five Bennet sisters, but most importantly Jane and Elizabeth is a story about not only romance and mannerisms but also society as a whole back then. Austen truly saw the world through a different lens than most other authors of that day.
    So why isn't Pride and Prejudice my favorite novel or even my favorite Austen? Well, it has to do with one thing, how the overall book touched me and the four books ahead of this one touched me more than this one did. I still love this book though, so don't worry about that.
        So, these are my five favorite classic novels. Every one of these books touched me in some way during my life, and I believe contributed to the way I look at the world. I mean there has to be a reason why I'm such a hopeless romantic!

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     What are your favorite classic novels? Comment down below!



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