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"Look What You Made Me Do" Song Review

               After what has felt like forever to us Swifties, Taylor has finally released her lead single for her new album "Reputation". I think I felt the same as every other Taylor Swift fan when I heard the news that she was dropping new music, a sense of relief and happiness. Why? Because we've been waiting for three years for an album from her. Whatever reasons, personal or professional, Taylor decided to break the every two-year cycle for releasing her albums. Well, I have listened to this song (actually listening to it right now) and I am here to give my thoughts on it.

         So I was a Bit Disappointed....
         I think the anticipation and excitement about her finally releasing music made the first time I listened to this almost a bad thing. I was expecting this huge, wonderful piece of music that would basically change the way I thought. I mean I still love the feeling I get when I listen to Blank Space, to me that song is iconic and I can totally relate to parts of it, and the same with a lot of other Taylor Swift songs, they are always so relatable. However, this song didn't have that "WOW" factor for me. I liked it, but I thought that some of the parts were incredibly repetitive. The chorus was also a part that was a bit weird for me.

            I think that us Swifties are so used to these lyrical and poetical masterpieces that truly stand out from what other artists are creating nowadays, that when she released "Look What You Made Me Do" none of us were sure how to handle the simplicity of it. There is a lot of repetitiveness, and while that's not necessarily bad, it's not what I expect when I listen to a T-Swift song.
             I will say though that some of the lines are pure genius and really stood out to me. I am a fan of the verses and bridge, but the chorus is not my favorite part. I also really like the beat that the song has going on. I don't know quite how to describe it, but I'm actually digging it (do people even use that phrase anymore? Oh well I'll bring it back).

Final Thoughts
             I will say that for those of you that do not like the song, while I respect your opinion I advise you to give the song another chance. After listening to it a few times, and honestly not taking it that seriously I am honestly starting to like this song. Do I think it's her best work? Not by a long shot. However, is it the awful song that it seems to be getting portrayed as on the Internet? Not by a long shot. It is though, at least for me, a song that you really need to hear a few songs before you make a complete and total judgment on it. I mean now I find myself singing parts of it in my head and I'm not mad at myself.

             I am still excited for the release of Taylor Swift's new album and after hearing "Look What You Made Me Do" I'm extremely curious to see what she's going to do next. One thing that people can never say about Taylor is that she's always predictable. As a song, I am going to give this song a rating of 6/10/. The song is catchy, but the chorus and the fact that there is way too much repetitiveness in the song make it lower in my mind. I will say that the lyric video on YouTube is so good in my opinion and is really a work of art. I will link to the lyric video down below.

I hope that you all enjoyed this song review. This is the first review of a song that I have done so please give me feedback and even tell me if you think I should do it again.



  1. I was a huge fan of Taylor Swift - I loved her country albums so so much, Speak Now is the absolute masterpiece for me... However with Red things began to go down a little but I still enjoyed even 1989.. But will always regret the day she closed the country chapter and switched it for the pop one. She was exceptional in the country genre, I loved her writing, the stories hidden in the songs... so relatable as you say. But what has become of her now... that's beyond my understanding. I get what you say about giving the latest song few more tries, but to be honest, if something is good, you don't need to be figuring it out... ;) good post though! xx

  2. I'm not a huge swift fan, Although my son and I love dancing around to shake it off. Still, your review is really good. I have yet to hear the song, I have been a bit underwhelmed by a lot of the pop music lately and find myself going back to 90s rock that I listened to as a kid. (I feel old now)

  3. I'm not a Taylor Swift fan, but I really like and respect her a bit for this track because to me, it like she's facing her demons, you get me?


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