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85 Thoughts I Had Watching Episode 1 of Anne With an E

       I very recently decided to start watching the Netflix original series Anne With an E. I was skeptical at first having heard that this new series changed some things and that some people didn't like it. Shame on me for listening to them though because I watched the first episode and I love it so far! Yes, it doesn't stick exactly to the book, but for the most part, it's just adding to the story, not taking things away from it. I decided that for this first episode I would write down my thoughts and so without further adieu here are the 85 thoughts I had while watching the first episode of Anne With An E
1. Casting is perfect!
2. Anne has been cast perfectly.
3. Matthew is hardly saying a word.
4. Splendid!
5. Did she just say goodbye to a tree?
6. Rachel is a busybody, as she should be.
7. Marilla's no-nonsense attitude is amazing!
8. A risky thing! How dare you adopt a child!
9. Red hair is amazing!
10. Fire? Oh no!
11. Ah, those French ruffians are just sooo awful! (Notice the sarcasm, please).
12. Surprise! It's a girl!
13. 8 children!?!
14. These flashbacks are really adding to the story!
15. Ah, yes, the geese.
16. Home
17. That, Marilla, would be, "your boy"
18. Well Mrs. Spencer is obviously not good at handling things.
19. Being overdramatic?
20. Anne is my spirit animal.
21. Ah, yes, what's a name without a tragical ring?
22.Those fine names.
23. If you want something done right, do it yourself.
24. I'm in the depths of despair during finals week.
25. Ah, don't cry
26.Yeah, Marilla, the worst night!
27.Yes, yes he does think you should keep her.
28. Sometimes you have to pretend you're a princess.
29. Yeah, accuse her of stealing.
30. If looking at things is snooping I snoop all of the time.... Oh, wait.
31. Ah, poor Anne.
32. Well, that's harsh.
33. Matthew Cuthbert is an absolute doll.
34. I think he's lovely too, Anne.
35. She's got a thing for birds.
36. Ah, Marilla cares
37.She's renaming the animals?
38. Was that a compliment?
39. Well let's see, you made a mistake and now Anne's hopes are shattered!
40. Yeah, blame Nancy
41. That woman is terrifying
42. Marilla isn't taking any of this Anne slaving away nonsense
43. Same, Anne, same.
44. Yeah, Matthew, no smiling allowed.
45. Don't worry, Anne, I hate folding clothes too.
46. Mmm. Chicken.
47. Did Marilla almost laugh?
48. Lace?
49. Who am I kidding? Lace would be lovely.
50. Don't worry, Anne, brown wouldn't be my ideal dress color either.
51. Scones sound amazing!
52. Well, you're terribly rude, Rachel!
53. Speak your opinions, Anne!
54. Oh, wait, this is where we see her temper.
55. Yeah, Rachel
56. Yeah, Rachel, because everyone cares about your advice.
57. How long has she been running?
58. Matthew speaks the truth.
59. The way Anne says sorry is giving me life.
60. Knock knock knock!
61. Imagination
62. Determined
63. Look at Matthew handling things
64.This apology though
65. Outspoken
66. What's so wrong with red hair?
67. Yeah, he died hundreds of years ago.
68. Yeah, Anne, make him feel guilty
69. Yeah! No corruption allowed!
70. Friends.
71. These flashbacks though
72. Treasured possession.
73. Anne trying not to talk is painful
74. Okay, she's talking again.
75. #relief
76. I already like Diana.
77. Picnics are bomb
78. Where's my brooch?
79. That's the most overdramatic confession I've ever heard.
80. Well, that was harsh.
81. They look so sad
82. Marilla's regretting her decision
83. And there's the brooch
84.Ride Matthew!
85. Trains

I hope you enjoyed this quick little post.


  1. I thought I was the only person who gets inspired by tv shows. Pekple always seem to think that they're crap. Glad to see someone like me yay

    1. Ah!! Thanks so much for replying!! I get inspired by shows all of the time!

  2. Wow, I must say what a great and grand thoughts! I have not seen Anne With An E yet but reading your thoughts makes me excited to watch it :)

  3. I have never watch the series but reading your list makes me like I have watch it. :)

    1. You totally should! I'm not that far into it, but so far so good.

  4. I haven't seen the series yet, but a little more interested now! :)

  5. Never heard about this series until now, but let me tell you... you've got me into it!!!
    I will definitely give it a chance!!!

    1. Wow! That you so much for the kind words!!

  6. Wow never heard of this until now and I must say I never had so many thoughts about anything let alone serials

  7. I haven't heard of the show but I was def check it out and see what all the talk is about. Thank you for sharing your very honest thoughts. You're right, red hair is amazing! ;)

    Kimberly Love, Author,, writer of the Upcoming novel, You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine,,,

  8. Haven't checked this out myself, but love the concept of this post. Very cool and fun way to review!

  9. Never got a chance to watch this show but yeah, it's good to see that the show inspires you in so many ways. It must be worth it!

  10. I have not watched this show ever. But the phrases do look interesting. And I can right away correlate to some of them.


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