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10 Snacks to Keep in Your Dorm Room

          Every dorm room needs some snacks. Whether you just need to grab something quick on the way to class or you want to binge watch a Netflix show when you have some time off these ten snacks will help curb most cravings. The best part? Most of them are fairly healthy when eaten in normal portions.

1. Popcorn

         This was one of my favorite snacks when I was in my dorm room last year. It can, however, get incredibly unhealthy if you eat too much. So, go for healthier versions and be sure to grab some Ziploc bags so you can put part of your bag in there for another day. That way you won't feel the need to eat an entire bag of popcorn in one setting. This snack is perfect for watching Netflix by yourself or when you want to watch a movie with some friends.

2. Mug Cakes
        The ones made by Duncan Hines are my personal favorite. All you need is some water and a mug and a minute to microwave it and before you know it you've got a delicious dessert. You can get these from Walmart for sure, but wherever else I don't know. You can also make these with ingredients in your kitchen there are tons of recipes on Pinterest. However, for dorm rooms, the ones that Duncan Hines makes are probably the best option.

3. Jello/Pudding Cups
         These snacks are quick and easy. All you need is a spoon and you're ready to go. The best part is that they are fairly low in calories, but just like all things, you have to eat them in moderation.

4. Applesauce
        This is another snack that is fairly healthy as well as quick and simple. Applesauce is one of my personal favorite snacks!

5. Trail Mix

         You can buy it or you can make it, but one thing's for certain trail mix is a great snack. When eaten in moderation this snack food would be just the energy boost I needed. It can get pretty addictive though so make sure that you stop yourself from eating too much because even this snack can get extremely unhealthy.

6. Candy Bars
       This is definitely not a snack that is healthy. However, if you only eat them every now and then they won't do too much damage. Chocolate is definitely my weakness though so I won't be keeping too much of it in my dorm room this coming year.

7. Peanut Butter/Nutella/Almond Butter
    Whatever your spread of choice it will be well worth it to keep it in your dorm. Just remember that moderation is so very important.

8.  Fruit/Canned Fruit

        This one is a little harder. Fruit doesn't keep for very long so it's important that if you get it to make sure that you eat it before it goes bad. I suggest buying just a bit or even going for canned options. They won't be as healthy for you, but they won't go bad after just a few days.

9. Ice cream
        There is always a time for ice cream. Just make sure you don't eat too much of it. Keeping a little in your freezer can really help when you need a bit of frozen goodness though!

10. Granola Bars
       This snack is so quick. Whether you're on the way to class or just getting a little peckish these are great options to curb your hunger.

These 10 snacks are definitely ones that I recommend everyone keep in their dorm rooms. I didn't keep all of them all year round, but I kept these in my dorm room at one point or another throughout my school year last year.
 What snacks did you keep? Comment down below to tell me.
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  1. Granola bars and pop corn are the snacks I usually kept in my dorm. Reading while snacking granola bars was my habit when I was in college :)


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