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Starting A New Novel

I realized today that I have almost twelve pages of notebook paper filled up with the beginning of a new novel I've been working on. I can't say much about it yet because even I don't know exactly where it's going, but it's been nice to have something new to work on creatively. Even though I can't spend as much time as I would like on it (College, Work, this BLOG all take up a lot of time) I am still glad to have a creative outlet again. I'm especially glad because this novel that I am working on is one that I've had in my head in one-way shape or form since I was in like junior high or high school. I'm fixing to turn 20, that's a long time to have an idea in your head. I am not a superstitious person, but I do believe that if something won't leave you alone, especially when it's creative, you need to at least try to get it out of you.
          There is just one problem with this though, I have been having the hardest time getting t…

13 Things to Expect From Jane Austen Month

In case I haven't been talking about it way too much, Jane Austen Month starts September 1st here at Baleigh's Better Life. The idea behind the month is to not only celebrate one of my favorite authors but also to give me the chance (*cough* motivation) to read some of the works I haven't gotten around to yet. We (I say we because I really want anyone who wants to participate in this to do so) will be reading, rereading, reviewing, comparing, discussing, and just be having lots of fun this coming month.
Day 1: Pride and Prejudice Vs. Emma- This blog post will be all about comparing my two favorite Austen works.
Day 2: Pride and Prejudice Revisited- This is all about getting to talk about what I think of Pride and Prejudice now (or after I reread it in a few days.).
Day 3: Northanger Abbey Book Review
Day 4: Sense and Sensibility Book Review
Day 5: Emma Revisited
Day 6: Mansfield Park Revisited

Day 7: Persuasion Book Review
Day 8: Jane Austen Movies Ranked- Wh…

"Look What You Made Me Do" Song Review

After what has felt like forever to us Swifties, Taylor has finally released her lead single for her new album "Reputation". I think I felt the same as every other Taylor Swift fan when I heard the news that she was dropping new music, a sense of relief and happiness. Why? Because we've been waiting for three years for an album from her. Whatever reasons, personal or professional, Taylor decided to break the every two-year cycle for releasing her albums. Well, I have listened to this song (actually listening to it right now) and I am here to give my thoughts on it.

So I was a Bit Disappointed....
         I think the anticipation and excitement about her finally releasing music made the first time I listened to this almost a bad thing. I was expecting this huge, wonderful piece of music that would basically change the way I thought. I mean I still love the feeling I get when I listen to Blank Space, to me that song is iconic and I can totally relate to part…

Announcement: Jane Austen Month

I have decided to do something that might be a little crazy, okay it's a lotta crazy. I have decided to make September Jane Austen Month. I don't know if any other blogs do this, but I have decided to set aside the month of September to dedicate it to Miss Austen. During this month every blog post I upload will be dedicated to Jane Austen. I will be rereading my favorite of her novels as well as reading some of her novels that I have not read yet. Some things to look forward to this month:
 Book Reviews
Movie Reviews
And so much more!

        I strongly encourage anyone who wants to participate in Jane Austen Month to do so (please just give credit where it is due) and to incorporate it into your blog, YouTube channel, or wherever else you want to show your love for Jane Austen. I also have never done anything like this before, so please bear with me as this is likely to be an experience for me as well.
         Jane Austen Month starts September first and wi…

My Top Five Favorite Vlog Series Based on Books (Mostly)

The Internet is a wonderful thing, in some cases, and one of those cases is in the fairly new creation of making classic literature into a vlogging format. By taking characters that many people already know and love and making them live in today's world it opens up the stories to a brand new audience. These five series are all ones that I highly recommend everyone try to watch.

1. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries:

        Okay, so I'm pretty sure that Elizabeth Bennet and I are spirit animals, but that's a conversation for another day. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is the modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. In this version, Lizzie is a 20 something-year-old grad student still living at home with her parents and experiencing a ton of student debt. She decides to make a video diary as part of a school project (the exact reason for it escapes my mind at the moment) and thus The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is born. With a great cast that all have stellar acting, a…

85 Thoughts I Had Watching Episode 1 of Anne With an E

I very recently decided to start watching the Netflix original series Anne With an E. I was skeptical at first having heard that this new series changed some things and that some people didn't like it. Shame on me for listening to them though because I watched the first episode and I love it so far! Yes, it doesn't stick exactly to the book, but for the most part, it's just adding to the story, not taking things away from it. I decided that for this first episode I would write down my thoughts and so without further adieu here are the 85 thoughts I had while watching the first episode of Anne With An E
1. Casting is perfect!
2. Anne has been cast perfectly.
3. Matthew is hardly saying a word.
4. Splendid!
5. Did she just say goodbye to a tree?
6. Rachel is a busybody, as she should be.
7. Marilla's no-nonsense attitude is amazing!
8. A risky thing! How dare you adopt a child!
9. Red hair is amazing!
10. Fire? Oh no!
11. Ah, those French ruffians are just sooo aw…

5 Reasons Your First and Second Years of College are Different

When I moved back into college yesterday it was such a good experience. I'm rooming with one of my best friends, and the rest of my entire group is either right next door, across the hall, or right downstairs. We grew so close over the school year last year and seeing almost everyone again was more exciting than I think I thought it would be. That got me thinking about how much different things are now versus last year when I was a freshman, so here's a list of how different second year is from the first.

1. Locations:

         Last year it would sometimes take me forever to remember and figure out where things were. It doesn't help that I'm directionally challenged, but this year was completely different. I know where the majority of the buildings are and can get around in half the time that I could at the beginning of my first year.
2. Stranger Danger!!!!         While there are a lot of people on campus that I don't know I know enough people to never be comp…

My 5 Favorite Classic Novels

Ah, classics.

There has always been something about those types of books. Maybe it's the romance and mannerisms that take place so often in the pages of these books, or how different things were back then, but classics have always been one of my favorite genres of books. Below are my top five favorite novels, books that have touched me at different times in my life.
1. Gone With the Wind

    This novel set during and after the Civil War follows Scarlet O’Hara the rich spoiled Southern Heiress through marriages, births, the Civil War, and of course Rhett Butler the dark and brooding love interest. The book at over a thousand pages is a monster of a novel in its own right, but once I got into the book I forgot just how long it was Margaret Mitchell’s extremely talented writing makes reading this large book an enjoyment and not a chore. This is one of the more recent classics I've read so who knows if it will continue to be my number one favorite a few years down the line,…

10 Snacks to Keep in Your Dorm Room

Every dorm room needs some snacks. Whether you just need to grab something quick on the way to class or you want to binge watch a Netflix show when you have some time off these ten snacks will help curb most cravings. The best part? Most of them are fairly healthy when eaten in normal portions.

1. Popcorn

         This was one of my favorite snacks when I was in my dorm room last year. It can, however, get incredibly unhealthy if you eat too much. So, go for healthier versions and be sure to grab some Ziploc bags so you can put part of your bag in there for another day. That way you won't feel the need to eat an entire bag of popcorn in one setting. This snack is perfect for watching Netflix by yourself or when you want to watch a movie with some friends.

2. Mug Cakes
        The ones made by Duncan Hines are my personal favorite. All you need is some water and a mug and a minute to microwave it and before you know it you've got a delicious dessert. You can get these…

To The Bone Movie Review

Movie: To The Bone
Starring: Lily Collins, Keanu Reeves
Written and Directed by: Marti Noxon

      When Ellen goes to a rehab center to get treatment for her anorexia nervosa it takes her and the audience on a journey quite unlike any other.

       Ellen is a young woman who has been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. She agrees to go to a treatment center to try and get treated for her eating disorder. At this house are a whole bunch of other people including a male and my personal favorite, an overweight girl. To often when we think about eating disorders we picture super skinny white girls, so it was nice to see a woman of color who was also overweight and a male being portrayed in the movie. It definitely showed you how eating disorders can affect everyone in some way shape or form regardless of gender or color.
      The movie was amazing in my opinion, but definitely heavy. There were a lot of parts that were certainly a little hard to watch. The subject matter is not an easy one…

5 Things I Wish I Had Brought Less of to College

With the fact that I will be back in my college town and happily back in my dorm room here in a little over a week I thought that I would begin a new series of blog posts that I’m actually super excited about writing. So, here goes the first post of the College Series!!!!         To be completely frank with all of you lovely people, when I first went off to college I only had a basic understanding of what I actually needed to bring, and I ended up with things that I didn’t use, or I ended up having to go buy things. So to save time and money here are some things that you might not want to overdo when you go off to college. 1. Don’t overdo the food:

When I got back from college and my mom was helping me finish packing up so I could go back home, I noticed one very important thing. I had so much food left over. Now, I am a pretty big snack person, so it wasn’t like I hadn’t eaten anything I’d bought, but I had quite a bit of stuff that hadn’t gotten eaten, and to tell you the truth,…