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Top Five Tips For Creating Characters


          As a writer, one of the biggest things that I do is create characters. I mold and shape them until they are all unique individuals that hopefully other people will one day be able to relate to. I say one day because I haven't gotten published yet. However, I thought that it would be really cool to tell you guys some of my tips for creating characters. I truly believe that characters are one of the most important parts about a story. No one wants to read a story that has bad characters, and I am not talking about like the evil villains in stories. If all of your characters are bland and unrealistic it won't make the reading fun for anyone. The biggest thing, in my opinion, with creating characters is making sure that they are as realistic and relatable as you can possibly make them. So, here are my top 5 tips for creating characters.

1. Give the Characters Something of Yours: 
       Just like we as real life human beings have our own personalities so should your characters. Make one of them crazy and outgoing and then make another one shy and sweet. These things will make your writing more believable as well as relatable. Some of my favorite characters have been the ones that I have been able to relate to. Some tips for personality traits are to give them something that you have. By giving your characters a trait or an experience that you have it will make it that much easier for you to write about. Give one character your intelligence and another your ability to play soccer. Give that girl your sarcasm, and that boy your nervousness about new places. These traits don't have to be big things and they don't have to be about personality. You can have a character grow up in a small town because you did.

2. Physical Traits:
         One of the things that I love is when characters have good physical traits. A lot of times when I'm reading books the main character will have a very vague description of how she looks, and while sometimes that's good, it can also be good to give your characters their own personal "look" to make them show up in the imaginations of your readers that much easier. Go with the basics such as eye color, hair color, body type. Are they tall or short, skinny or overweight? Are they attractive or not and in what ways? 

3. Personal Struggles:
          One of the things that I really like about characters and reading about them and of course writing about them is when they have some sort of personal struggle. No one's real life is perfect so why should our fictional worlds be? So when I read about a character with an abusive parent or about a boy who got bullied during middle school it allows me to not only relate to that character if I can but to also maybe learn more about something that I didn't know about before. 

4. DON'T BE BORING!!!!!!!:
         Don't be afraid to write characters that are outside of the box and that you might be slightly scared to write about. Create characters that have absolutely nothing in common with you, other than maybe your hair color and then let your imagination run absolutely wild for a while. You are only limited by your imagination and the limits that you put on it so you should let that sucker run free!

5. Take Inspiration:
        There is absolutely nothing wrong with being inspired by other writers. Does that mean to completely steal a character from someone else's book? No. However, you can get inspired by the characters that you read about. Think about how many books that you've read that have characters that are similar to Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. They might not be exactly the same as Elizabeth but there was something about them that reminded you of her. So do not be afraid to take inspiration from other characters, especially if you are stuck and can't think about where to go with a character.

I hope that this blog post helped you in some ways with your writing process. I certainly had a lot of fun writing it! If you haven't already, feel free to go click that follow button and maybe even subscribe to emails to get notified of when I update this blog. I will write to you all very soon.

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