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To the Person That Isn't Athletic


  I know it can be frustrating to not be good at something, especially something that basically determines how popular you are in certain parts of school. I remember how it  was when I was younger, the athletic people always seemed to have it all, and it can be hard to not get caught up in all of it. (Trust me, they don't have it all, and they have struggles just like the rest of us). However, sports are not everything no matter what anyone tries to tell you. Are they important? Yes. They teach teamwork and cooperation. I had lots of fun when I was on sports teams in school. However, are they necessary for you to feel good about yourself? No. When I was in school I loved sports, but I was not very good at them. I remember trying my hardest at basketball, cross country, and track, etc., but I eventually realized that my best was not ever going to be good enough. The thing about realizing that you can't do something is that it lets you open up your schedule to  that you can do. Now, I am definitely not saying that you should quit everything that you're good at, or even quit things that you are not good at. However, if you're doing it just because society expects it, it's wrong. 
       So, you aren't the most athletic person in the world. I want you to know that no matter how you feel this does not make you any less of a human being. We all have our talents. That girl who runs like the wind can't do math as well as you can, or draw, or crochet, or ride a horse, or build things out of toothpicks. We were all blessed with talents that are unique to our personalities. I can crochet, not many people can do that anymore that are my age (or I haven't met many) so it makes it something that is special to me. I also have an aptitude for writing, so that is something else that I am good at. The important thing is that you find yourself things that you can do. Talents that you can cultivate and improve until you are better at them then you ever thought you could be.
       Quit when you want to. I stopped doing sports in high school because I had reached the point where I had finally had enough. I loved sports, but being benched during a game after I'd worked just as hard as everyone else on the team was no longer fun. I understand why it happened, but that didn't mean that I had to take it anymore. I'm not mad at anyone, but when I stopped doing sports I was genuinely surprised at how few regrets I had. You need to stop when you feel ready though, and for some people that may never happen. You may always enjoy sports and that is perfectly fine. I still enjoy sports, but quitting them in high school allowed me to work on other things and discover talents that I didn't even know I had. 
         I now concentrate on other skills. Like I said above I have an aptitude for writing and I would like to at least think that my blog posts are enjoyable to read. By doing something that I am good at it allows me to truly be happy with myself. There's a big difference between the pleasure you get doing something you love and are good at and something you love and you aren't good at. 
          Trust me, we all have our talents so we shouldn't be upset about not being the most athletic on the planet. Remember to concentrate on your other talents. I also want to say that I did not write this post to bash athletic people or to tell you to quit sports just because you aren't the best. This post is simply to try and make those individuals feel better about not being athletic, because I felt bad about it and trust me that was not fun. However, I learned from it and have now discovered more and more ways that I can be successful in this life. 

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  2. It is good to be an athletes

    1. I never said it wasn't. The purpose of this post is for people who were made to feel as if they were failures basically for not being good at it. There's nothing wrong with being an athlete. It just isn't for everyone.


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