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3 Reasons Why TBR's Are Evil and How to Fix It


 As a reader, I, of course, have a TBR list of some sort even if it isn't an actual list for the most part. TBR's are the books you have that are "To Be Read" they can be ones you own, ones you don't own but want to and anything in between. For this blog post, however, we're going to concentrate on the books in your TBR pile that you own. In other words, the books that are already in your personal library. This post is going to concentrate on the negativity that TBR piles have had in my reading life and some ways I have found to conquer them.

  1. Buy X Read Y
          I am not good at math but I can figure out this equation. If X is the number of books your buying and Y is the number you are actually reading the numbers can be drastically different depending on what happens. The issue that I personally have and one I have noticed many other book lovers having is the fact that too often the X variable is majorly bigger than the Y variable, meaning that I buy books at a rate faster than I am reading them. This becomes a problem because then my TBR pile gets overwhelming which causes a minor freak out in this book readers mind.
The Fix?: Put yourself on a book buying ban. I hate putting myself on bans, but by making yourself not buy books as much you can hopefully start to catch up.

2. I Don't Read
        For some strange reason, when I first started getting into Booktube and watching all of the videos I wasn't reading as much as I had as a child, and that has led me to learn one very important thing. We as readers are being trained to buy rather than read. I'll admit that the idea of one day having my own library in my home seems like one of the greatest things in the world, but what is the use if  I haven't been able to read over half of them? The sad thing is that the older I get and the more adult responsibility I end up having, the less time there is to read.
The Fix?: Set aside some reading time every week. This can be something as simple as half an hour before you go to bed. One thing that I really like and that I'm starting to get into is listening to audio books. They're great for when you are on walks.

3. They Have Become Way Too Popular
      In the past few years, it seems like in the reading world the idea of having a huge never ending TBR pile has become almost like a popularity contest. With all sorts of challenges on Booktube about TBR lists and piles, it's no wonder that they have gained a certain amount of popularity. The issue is that they are becoming too popular in my opinion.
The Fix?: I don't really have a for sure for this one, but I will say that in my opinion, most popular things lose their popularity status if people don't hold them to extremely high standards.

      This post is not to make anyone feel bad about a number of books they have in their TBR. I have lots of books that I own that I have not read yet. However, I will say that I have noticed a negative influence in treating a TBR list as a "good" thing. A goal to get through, maybe, but hardly ever a truly positive thing. So, my advice? Forget about the popularity that these TBR piles have gained and learn to read for the enjoyment of reading again. Trust me, I know it's hard, but I am going to make an effort to fix it in my reading life too.

     I know that this post is not very long, but I wanted to get a blog post out by the end of today. I hope that you all enjoy!

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