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Vogue's 73 Questions Tag

Hey! I was recently tagged by Kate Jones to do the Vogue 73 Questions Tag! 

1. What's the best thing that has happened to you this month?
           My Birthday!! I turned the big 2-0 on the first of October!

2. What's the best thing that has happened to you this year? 
            This is going to sound so bad, but getting over the guy I had a crush on last semester. It's so freeing to not be obsessed with another human being!

3. What's the best thing ever?

4. What's your favorite season?
        Autumn. I love Autumn.

5. What's your favorite holiday?
          Christmas. I love the music and just how good I feel during that time of the year.

6. Would you ever live in a big city?
          Well, I technically live part-time in a bigger city, but as far as full time like when I'm on my own no.

7. What's your favorite ice cream?
           Any good ice cream is good ice cream. (I have an obsession with frozen treats if you can't tell.)

8. Do you untie …

Random News

I will admit that I am having a bit of writer's block today, so quickly I'm going to give you all an update on what's been going on in my life and the future of this blog. Also if you are not subscribed to my blog you can do so by signing up for the email newsletter on the side of your screen, or there should be a popup as you exit that will ask you.
  1. My posting times:
              I will still be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, however I will not be having a specific time that I have to get posts uploaded anymore. With school, work, and sometimes just moments like this when I can't seem to think of a good idea for a blog post at all it's really hard to say I'll update on certain times. I have already not been able to get some blog posts up on time which is why I have decided to change this.

2. The blog has reached over 6000 views!!
           That might seem like a small accomplishment, but I started this blog back in July, so I…

Would You Rather Book Tag

I have decided to do my very first book tag here on my blog! I got this one after searching the Internet and the one I found was by Sincerely, A Book Nerd so definitely go check their blog out! (It looks as if they have stopped updating though). I hope that you enjoy this tag!

1. Rather read only a series or stand-alone books?:I'm going to go with series. I love getting to know characters over the course of many books. I can get so much more attached to them that way! Of course, that becomes a problem when the authors decide to kill off those favorite characters of mine.
2. Rather read a book whose main character is male or female?:            Female definitely. I can relate to them a lot more. That's not saying that I don't enjoy books from male perspectives, but I can enjoy ones from female perspectives a lot better.

 3. Rather shop only at Barnes & Noble (or another actual bookstore) or Amazon?:I would rather shop in an actual bookstore, unfortunately, I don't get t…

The Dancing Girl and the Turtle Book Review

Title: The Dancing Girl and the Turtle
          Author: Karen Kao
          Synopsis: Song Anyi is on her way to Shanghai when she is gang raped by a group of Chinese soldiers and left for dead. She finally manages to get to her Aunt and Uncle who along with their son Song Cho nurse her back to health. It is China in 1937 and the world is unlike anything. Between the scars of being sexually abused and the ghosts of her past that she sees, Anyi soon turns to prostitution with a newfound obsession with pain. This story weaves in and out of different perspectives and characters to form a story that is both beautiful and tragic.
 Rating: 5/5 stars

My Thoughts:
          I was surprised by how great this novel was. When Linen Press asked me to read and review this book for their blog tour I was hesitant, but I accepted the offer and I am glad I did. The Dancing Girl and the Turtle is a book unlike any other I have read before. There are lots of grown-up topics in it so this is definit…

Jane Austen Month: Ending Thoughts

Jane Austen Month has officially come to an end, and I will admit that while I enjoyed it I am also relieved. Don't get me wrong, it was a lot of fun dedicating a month to one author, but it was also incredibly time consuming and sometimes way more stressful than it should have been. Still, I am glad I did it, there are just a couple of things I wish I would have done differently:

1. A Different Month
          September was not the best month I could have done something like this in. School has been busy this month for one, and for two I think I could have done better if I would have done it during the summer.

2. Less Novels
        I think I could have done better, and even been able to concentrate better if I would have just read the 3 Austen novels I hadn't read before this month. I enjoyed rereading the 3 I read before this month, but it definitely just made a lot more work for me.

        Still, even with the things I wish I would have done differently I still had a…

Jane Austen: Series Edition

While I did not have time this month to do my Jane Austen Series Marathon I thought it would still be a cool thing to talk about some of my favorites. These are not going to be in any specific order and I will also be including adaptations of Jane Austen's works that are modern. The only rule is that they have to be in a series type format.

1. Pride and Prejudice 1995:         I will admit that I think I have only watched this series once. I enjoyed it and thought it to be incredibly faithful to the novel (I still prefer the 2005 version though. Sorry not sorry). I really want to watch it again so I can see if I can enjoy it even more after a second watch. This is a very faithful adaptation and I recommend it!

2. Pride and Prejudice 1980:         Another version that I think I have only watched once. I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed this adaptation though. I…