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114 Thoughts I Had While Watching the Royal Wedding

So, I got done watching the live stream for the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! I decided to post my thoughts here for you all to see. From the hats to the adorable royal kids to just the overall happy vibes at this wedding, this wedding was a joy to watch. I hope you all enjoy my 114 Thoughts I Had While Watching the Royal Wedding. Fair warning though, some of them might not make any sense, and please forgive any bad spelling, grammar, or punctuation as I was just typing these on my phone as I went. Thank you all again for reading!
My Thoughts So many hats!!!A lot of celebs Everyone looks, or most people anyway, very happy. This music is lit. I’m digging it. Alright. These people look less happy. I wonder if something is wrong. You conduct that band!I love the random outside shot with the birds for some reason. That car is moving very slowly. Is there a speed limit at royal weddings?And we’re back in the church. And back outside Who are these people?Aww both ladies are…

Song of the Week and why I love Indie Music

I thought that it might be a fun thing to tell you all what song I have been obsessed with the most over the week. This one is one that I've discovered very recently (as in like a couple days ago) but it's already one of my favorite songs I think I have ever heard.

Are you ready for it?

If you thought I was going to mention Taylor Swift, you'd be wrong.

The song of the week is Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish!!!

This song has a great sound to it, and the lyrics are just beautiful. This song reminds me of something I would hear from Birdy and reminds me of why I love Indie music so much. One of the reasons being that a lot of the time the quality is a hundred times better than what I hear on the radio. Now don't get me wrong, I listen to mainstream songs now and I probably always will, but there's a reason a lot of my favorite songs are from indie artists. There's just something so powerful about lyrics that make you feel something and can move you, and indie songs l…

My Unplanned Hiatus

It seems like every time I set out to accomplish something when it comes to the Internet I end up failing miserably. Take my like two-month hiatus from writing on my blog. I don't know why it took me so long to finally come back to writing, but I do know that for the past eight or so weeks, I just have not felt like it, and that's okay. I realize now that I was burning myself out. Making myself upload and write three posts a week was getting not only time-consuming, but also stress-inducing, so I know now that posting once or twice a week is probably a better option, although I don't know if I'll ever get back to posting regularly. Here's to hoping though.


Editing a Book is Hard and YouTube Channel

I was lucky enough to find an editor for my novel and now I am in the process of trying to get all of the issues fixed while also doing the regular everyday things I have to do. I realized today while I was working on some things that there are a lot of issues with my manuscript. It's not that I'm not proud of it and the work I've done, it's that I am noticing all of the little things that I need to fix. Suddenly certain scenarios don't seem fleshed out and I find myself questioning almost every little thing, which I guess is a good thing since I won't improve my writing if I can't find flaws in my writing, but that still doesn't make it any fun.
              Editing is without a doubt my least favorite part of the writing process. It's not that I can't accept that I make mistakes in my work it's that I am (I will admit it) lazy and easily distracted which does not make for a good book editor. There's a reason I've alway…

Vogue's 73 Questions Tag

Hey! I was recently tagged by Kate Jones to do the Vogue 73 Questions Tag! 

1. What's the best thing that has happened to you this month?
           My Birthday!! I turned the big 2-0 on the first of October!

2. What's the best thing that has happened to you this year? 
            This is going to sound so bad, but getting over the guy I had a crush on last semester. It's so freeing to not be obsessed with another human being!

3. What's the best thing ever?

4. What's your favorite season?
        Autumn. I love Autumn.

5. What's your favorite holiday?
          Christmas. I love the music and just how good I feel during that time of the year.

6. Would you ever live in a big city?
          Well, I technically live part-time in a bigger city, but as far as full time like when I'm on my own no.

7. What's your favorite ice cream?
           Any good ice cream is good ice cream. (I have an obsession with frozen treats if you can't tell.)

8. Do you untie …